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The all-in-one crypto platform

Accointing provides an attractive and efficient ecosystem of features that allow crypto traders of all levels and abilities to track, manage and report all their cryptocurrencies.

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Providing an easier trading lifecycle

You can easily connect over 4500 currencies from all exchanges and wallets and track your portfolio from your desktop, using their attractive portfolio dashboard. All via your desktop, you can track the performance of your portfolio and see your short term and long term holdings. Additionally, Accointing’s mobile solution allows you to receive price and market alerts in the app!

Accointing’s crypto tax platform is a simple and easy tool to report your crypto taxes. They help you review and classify each and every single transaction, understand your overall taxable gains, and help you reduce your tax burden based on your cryptocurrencies long and short-term holding period.

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Connecting crypto to:

An all-in-one crypto platform that allows you to track, manage, and report all your crypto transactions...wherever, whenever

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