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Maximize the benefits of a health savings account with Bend

Bend uses innovative technology to elevate an HSA beyond a standard deposit account. Their HSA solution is designed with three key concepts in mind: Never miss a tax-savings opportunity, maximize your dollars, and make HSAs easy for everyone. If you have an HSA-eligible high deductible health plan (HDHP), youre missing out if you dont have a health savings account.

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A truly innovative HSA experience

Leveraging the latest technologies, Bend offers a unique approach to learn, fund, save and grow an HSA. The Bend dashboard allows you to track your deductible, manage eligible expenses, plan contributions, and view tax savings.

With a Bend HSA, you can also invest your HSA balance in mutual funds, just like a 401(k), and the money you earn from those investments is tax-free. With no fees or minimum investments required, and with the ability to invest and change funds as often as youd like, it couldnt be easier to make your HSA dollars work smarter and grow for your future.

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HSAs an overlooked financial tool to build long-term financial health

Bend empowers accountholder to maximize the HSA benefits while saving for the future. Open your Bend HSA today!

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