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Sustainable oil-free air compressors

Carnot Compression has patented a method for solving the heat of compression problem. In the process, they have developed a means to drastically cut down on billions of dollars worth of wasted operating costs across all industries.

Carnots technology has the ability to offer customers an oil-free technology with lower lifetime operating costs than current oil-flooded compressors. This is important because Carnots technology will offer customers a lower-cost, more environmentally friendly technology than current compressors. The technology can therefore displace oil-flooded compressors with oil-free technology.

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Carnots technology addresses a very significant global energy challenge

In the United States, industrial air compressors consume over 12% of manufacturing electricity consumption, or 399 trillion BTU. Globally compressors driven by electric motors are estimated to consume 32% of the electricity consumption from electric motor driven systems, or 2,267 Terawatt Hours Per Year in 2006.

The global air compressor market is estimated at $40+ billion in annual capital spending by 2025 and oil-free applications currently account for approximately 33% of spending.

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Invest in this groundbreaking technology to help revolutionize the $40+ Billion compression industry

With its proprietary, oil-free isothermal compression technology, Carnot Compression seeks to solve the problems of a huge market. Click below to visit their Start Engine page today!

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