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An innovative approach to startup capital

Chisos funds pre-traction, pre-seed startups via a proprietary approach called a Convertible Income Share Agreement. The CISA blends an ISA with a SAFE agreement. Founders get flexible terms, while investors benefit from downside protection and uncapped upside. Only Chisos offers this investment model that activates a $4T blindspot.

Now investors like you have the opportunity to invest in a portfolio of startups with Chisos on WeFunder! Click below for more info.

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An investment model to fund the best new businesses

Chisos carefully invests in high-potential startup founders and provides them with capital.

In 18 months, Chisos developed a FinTech software to source, underwrite & service investment opportunities at scale.

With the platform and the CISA approach, Chisos supports founders that are typically overlooked and underrepresented. As an investor, youll be helping a diverse group of entrepreneurs get the funding needed to start and grow their businesses.

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Because funding shouldnt be limited to a tiny handful of founders

Chisos is activating founder potential and democratizing entrepreneurship by providing capital and community at the earliest stages. Click below to invest today via WeFunder.

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