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Access the best new crypto assets before they list on exchanges

With CoinList, you can buy, earn, and trade the best new crypto-assets, all under one roof.

CoinList provides the community with access to the most cutting-edge investments in the space while helping the most impactful crypto projects grow and succeed.

With $1B in tokens purchased via token sales, and over $6B in AUC, CoinList is one of the fastest-growing crypto platforms.

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Meet the fullstack solution for crypto

Investors can buy, lend, trade, and stake the best new tokens like Filecoin, Flow, and Solana before they list on other exchanges. Additionally, crypto companies can run their token sales, meet compliance requirements, and manage custody and staking with our battle-tested infrastructure.

CoinList is also the world’s leading Wrapped Bitcoin merchant. You can instantly convert your bitcoin to wBTC and deploy it on Compound, MakerDAO, dYdX, Curve and other top DeFi protocols.

Their mobile apps are designed to be as simple as possible while retaining the power of the CoinList platform, so you can simply trade and manage your portfolio with a few taps.

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Providing early access to the best new tokens via a secure and compliant platform

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