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Meet the mailbox of the future

DRONEDEK smart mailbox is the first utility patent issued for drone package receiving and storage. It is for receiving or sending food, medicine, groceries or parcels. It is a secure porch, roof, window, house, or building-mounted box and may be secured to an existing edifice or mailbox post.

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The smart mailbox for drone delivery

All of the value gained through the fast, green, convenient and cost-effective strategy of delivery by drone or unmanned vehicle can evaporate when your package is compromised. Weather, animals, thieves and more can beat you to your item unless it’s safely deposited for you in a smart, secure, safe place.

DRONEDEK is the licensee that controls the first patent in the drone delivery smart mailbox space and have set out to become the funnel to all delivery – the pipeline to commerce.

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Completing the last mile with smart, secured, receptacle technology

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