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Lithium that doesnt cost the Earth

E3 Lithium is an Alberta-based lithium resource and technology company, aiming to power the growing electrical revolution. The companys goal is to produce high-purity, battery-grade, lithium products in 2026. And thats all while it works to become one of the lowest GHG emitters in the lithium industry. E3 has a vision for a brighter energy future: the company plans to deliver lithium products with reduced carbon emissions and minimal environmental harm for example, its projecting to use less than 3% of the land that typical lithium projects use.

In the run-up to E3s first production, the companys partnered with Imperial Oil (IMO) a subsidiary of ExxonMobil and has received support from the Government of Canada. There are a few key milestones and upcoming catalysts to look out for, including an in-field pilot project and pre-feasibility study that will help advance the company towards its 2026 production date.

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Why should I care?

The electric revolution needs fuel and E3 has it

The electric vehicle (EV) revolution has lit a fire under the demand for lithium, a key component of EV batteries. And with lithium producers struggling to keep up with that blazing demand, global supply has been under strain. Now, according to the IEA*, lithium demand is expected to keep materially outstripping supply beyond 2025. That could buoy up prices for lithium for some time to come, which could massively benefit lithium producers like E3 since anticipated supply constraints are likely to coincide with the companys planned production.

An early economic assessment** of E3s Clearwater Project indicates a net present value (NPV) of $1.1 billion when you use a discount rate of 8%, with a pre-tax return of 32%. The estimated value of the project is almost ten times E3s current market value and the projects worth could rise even more depending on future lithium prices and total resources recoverable.


** The PEA is preliminary in nature and the cost estimate includes inferred mineral resources. These are considered too geologically speculative to have the economic considerations applied that would enable them to be categorized as mineral reserves. There is no certainty the Clearwater Project outlined by the PEA will be realized.

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Fueling the global transition towards a brighter energy future

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