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Welcome to modern real-estate investing

Opening access to the commerical real estate market, EquityMutliple offers fund Investing, offering built-in diversification across markets and asset types as well as investment offerings into distinct properties across traditional, emerging, & niche asset classes at all tranches of the capital stack.

Invest in high-yield, professionally managed commercial real estate starting at $10k.

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A different kind of investing experience

EquityMultiple takes a fully investor-focused approach, with a dedicated Investor Relations team to guide investors and their capital throughout the entire process, from initial offering, through project execution, to distribution. You’re supported by real people, every step of the way.

Additionally, with access to senior & mezzanine debt, preferred equity, and general equity investments across major geographic markets and asset classes, investors can achieve portfolio diversification by investing in specific assets or access the simple diversification offered by real estate funds.

What’s more, all investments undergo rigorous underwriting. Proposed investments must pass multiple layers of diligence and require unanimous support from EquityMultiple’s investment committee, resulting in less than 5% approval rate.

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Making commercial real estate investing simple, accessible, and transparent

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