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FarmTogether is a farmland investment manager powered by cutting-edge tech. For the first time, accredited investors have access to fractional shares of institutional-quality farmland, without the steep price tag or previously required farming know-how.

FarmTogether's all-in-one digital platform allows investors to browse carefully vetted farmland investments, review due diligence materials, invest in properties, and sign legal documents, all securely online. Their firm offers a diverse range of investment opportunities in both row crops and permanent crops across the U.S. Their offerings are curated by a team of investment professionals with diverse experience across farmland investing, asset management, agriculture, and tech, demonstrated by $1.2B+ of collective capital deployed.

6-12% target net returns, 2-9% target net average cash yield, low $15k minimum.

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Impact beyond returns

As an asset class, U.S. farmland boasts a total US value of $2.7 trillion. Yet, only around 2% of the dollar value of all farms is financially backed or owned by funds, publicly traded companies, or high-net-worth individuals. Driven by rising demand for food, decreasing land supply, low correlation with other assets, and historically strong performance, more investors are looking to access farmland as an investment opportunity.

Additionally, farmland returns have been historically uncorrelated to conventional assets, such as stocks, bonds, and real estate, and broader market indices, providing investors with welcome diversification. Farmland is also a natural hedge against inflation, even more so than gold. Historically, the value of US farmland has been about 70% correlated with the CPI.

Alongside this, the farms of the future will need to support a growing population amid a changing climate and scarce natural resources. By investing in sustainable agriculture, investors can help ensure long-term food security. FarmTogether investors are providing the key financial building blocks for a sustainable future.

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Historical data is not indicative of future results and may not reflect fees which may reduce actual returns. Any historical information is illustrative in nature and may not represent future results, therefore any investor investing through the FarmTogether platform may experience different returns from examples and projections provided on their website.

Hedge Against Inflation & Diversify Your Portfolio with Farmland - A Newly Accessible Asset Class

FarmTogether, bringing you unparalleled farmland investing opportunities.

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