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Secure, collaborative workspaces for complex data onboarding projects

Great customer experience is all about building relationships. It’s hard to do that, though, if you spend all your time wrangling and cleaning up their data.

Flatfile Concierge is an efficient and highly user-friendly collaborative workspace for onboarding customer data.

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Intelligent data migration saving thousands in data onboarding costs

With Flatfile Concierge, there is no code required, saving months of engineering sprints. Users can also securely share and collaborate on data imports without passing spreadsheets back and forth over email or FTP.

What’s more, Concierge supports multiple data formats, including CSV, XLS, XML or even manual pasting from the user’s clipboard.

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Removing the barriers between humans and data

Solve data onboarding in a fraction of time and cost. Click below to stay updated, get first access and ultimately, impact data onboarding today!

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