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Generate passive income from franchise investing

FranShares makes it easy for anyone to diversify their portfolio, hedge against inflation, and earn passive income through franchise investing. FranShares' team of franchise experts carefully selects, builds, and manages a diversified portfolio of franchises while their investors enjoy earning passive income.

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Invest in franchises with as little as $500

With FranShares, anyone can invest in proven franchises and generate passive income by investing $500 – $500,000. Target Returns for FranShares franchise portfolios are 16.00 – 21.86%.  Check out some of their favorite franchise categories on the left.

Fees cut into your bottom line, that’s why FranShares never charges fees. Instead, they make their money by participating in every fund along with their investors.

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Investing in Franchises

Gyms. Restaurants. Car dealerships. Whatever the franchise, celebrities, the ultra-wealthy, and private equity firms have been investing in independently owned and operated branches of established businesses for decades – and enjoying the impressive returns they often generate.

Want to learn about investing in franchises? We’ve produced a guide on what you need to know with Franshares. You can read it in 5 mins – click here to see it.

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