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An investment revolution in a simple web-app

Hedgehog helps eligible investors access the benefits of investing in the world around us - from exposure to real estate and renewable energy - at a lower cost. All in one easy-to-use web-app that integrates with the latest blockchain technology.

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Why should I care?

Hedgehog exists to lower barriers

Real asset investments can offer attractive benefits.

Traditionally those types of investments were once the reserve of big funds with big cash reserves. For most of us, making such investments would be too costly and complex. Hedgehog exists to lower those barriers, making it easier to benefit from investing in the world around us.


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Align your money with what you believe in

Hedgehog want to see a world where, as an eligible investor, you can gain exposure to real asset investment opportunities that truly matter to you. And where, as an asset owner, you’re able to raise capital from a much bigger investor pool without the admin hassle.

A world where more people have better opportunities to invest in the world around us.

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