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A simple solution for modern value investing

Jitta is a proven and powerful modern value investing solution. The platform facilitates successful modern value investing by allowing users to identify great companies at fair prices to invest in, get instant analysis of company’s performance and potential and make objective, data-driven investment decisions for top value stocks around the world.

Plus, Jitta is completely free to use!

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A fundamental stock analysis resource

Jitta’s objective and reliable analysis is a force to be reckoned with. The wide range of insights the platform can provide include:

  • Free financial data and analysis of over 36,000 stocks
  • 10 year’s worth of financial statements, translated into simple indicators and charts
  • Jitta Score - A comprehensive business fundamental analysis – called a Jitta Score
  • Jitta Ranking -  an AI-powered value-stock ranking system for stock discovery and comparison
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Historical returns, back tests, or projections may not accurately predict future performance. All information provided on the Jitta platform is intended for informational purposes only and should not be considered trading advice. Neither Jitta nor any of its independent providers can be held liable for any actions taken in reliance on this information.

Make well-informed decisions that will help you become a successful value investor

Building your own stock portfolio is simple with Jitta's insightful stock analysis and intuitive tools. You can easily identify the most promising stocks trading at discounted value, even without extensive knowledge or experience.

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