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Built for the future of money

LVL is an FDIC-insured mobile banking app where you can exchange cash & bitcoin for free. Premium users can additionally trade and invest easily with an autopilot strategy whilst enjoying the services of their own personal banker.

With their upcoming MasterCard, all users will also be able to spend cash from crypto. This will be one of the first Debit cards to offer this!

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No trading fees, not even hidden ones

The only North American Crypto exchange with a free FDIC insured checking account, LVL allows you to buy and sell crypto without trading fees or hidden spreads.

Their freemium model allows you to initially access their free tier, with the option to upgrade to their premium tier at the price of $9/month, $24/3months, or $80/12month.

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Accelerating the switch to bitcoin

Simple, secure and private, LVL is opening new doors of opportunity in crypto. Click below and get started today!

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