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Billionaires Wanted it, but 54,578 Everyday Investors Got it First. (Now You Can Too!)

Everyday investors already profited thanks to Masterworks, the award winning platform for investing in blue-chip art.

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A Multi-Year History of Double-Digit Returns.

Masterworks investors have seen payouts from 16 exits to date, including net returns of +10%, +17%, and even +35% – among others.

Masterworks does all of the heavy lifting, like finding the painting, buying it, storing it, and eventually selling it. When the painting sells, investors get their share of the net proceeds, in the form of an annualized net return.

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Art: One of the Hottest Markets on Earth.

Its no surprise investors want what Masterworks is offering. Citi reports that contemporary art, the kind available on Masterworks platform, has a historically low correlation to stocks. Its even outpaced the S&P 500 for the last 27 years, by an impressive +136%.

Luckily for us, Masterworks files each offering with the SEC so that nearly anyone can invest in highly coveted artworks for just a fraction of the pieces multi-million dollar price tag.

Over 810,000 people are already registered users at Masterworks, and shares of every offering are limited but not with our special access here at Finimize. Weve produced a guide in partnership with Masterworks which outlines why and how to invest in art. You can read the guide in under 6 mins click here to view.

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