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Invest in vintage comics, trading cards and memorabilia, for as little as $30

Mythic Markets makes it easy to buy shares in rare finds and iconic collectibles from your favorite fandoms.

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Own a piece of something you love, no matter how deep your pockets are

Investing should be easy, affordable and fun. Thats why Mythic Markets introduced the world’s first public offerings of fandom collectibles.

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Invest in famous collectibles just like any other stock

Rare collectibles like comics and trading cards are a great way to diversify your investments. And with Mythic Markets, you can handle them with the agility and flexibility you would any other investment all through a single digital platform.

Invest with your head and with your heart

Mythic Markets makes the most sought-after and unique collectibles instantly accessible by securitizing these proven performers into shares. That allows you to customize and adjust your position to suit you without the overheads that come with physical ownership.

? Investing in collectibles: Are you missing a trick?

Diversification its one of the first principles any new investor gets taught. And with good reason: if youre investing with any sort of long-term goal, you need to make sure you minimize your risks by spreading your money around. But if your diversification is all within a single asset class stocks, say then have you really reduced your risk all that much? A market crash brought on by a recession could still wipe out most if not all of them in one fell stroke.

Then again, it can be hard to find an asset class that isnt closely tied to those broader market forces. And of those, its not easy to find something worth investing in: traditional choices like fine art and gold are inconvenient to buy and hold, while real estate assets can be tricky to manage.

Then theres rare collectibles: think vintage comic books, trading cards, toys and other manufactured memorabilia. Its not always been a mainstream diversification option, but more and more investors are coming round to the idea. Securitized collectibles dont just appeal to peoples emotions, theyre a great alternative asset to anchor your portfolio and come with proven potential for returns.

? Take the guesswork out of alternative investments

Just like fine art, the value of collectibles doesnt swing up and down with broader economic forces. It depends more on cultural forces like nostalgia, aesthetics, and the strength of the communities who are invested in them. In other words, people dont just care about them because theyre valuable theyre valuable because people care about them. And that means, even in an economic crisis, a Michael Jordan rookie card is just as important to a sports fan as a Picasso is to an art collector.

But unlike fine art, most collectibles are part of a production run. Even the fabled Action Comics #1 the first appearance of the Man of Steel is thought to have more than 50 copies still in circulation. So as long as each copy is in as good condition as the last, every sale reinforces the market value of every other copy out there. That kind of transparency around collectibles market prices and where theyre from has created a history of confident buyers and healthy competition at auctions, as each record sale sets the bar for the next winner.

?? Unique investments, unique potential

Even though these investments are generally pretty stable in price, there are still ways for you to get ahead of the curve. You can anticipate the unique market forces behind the collectibles market just like you can the more traditional markets, creating opportunities if you pay attention to their patterns.

And since that growth comes from their cultural and emotional significance, the only real limiting factor is the items rarity. In fact, the collectibles you can invest in through Mythic Markets have market values thousands of times sometimes even millions their original retail price. So if you know a certain collectible subculture inside and out, you can use your expertise to make early investment moves ahead of the mainstream money.

? Buy the best at your own price

Mythic Markets chooses assets that cater to all investment styles and risk tolerances. The first category its assets fall into is grail items the highest tier of collectibles available. Those are the rare items that become synonymous with the entire subculture they represent, which means they grow significantly and consistently. And seeing as Mythic Markets has securitized these hefty assets into manageable shares, you can adopt a more nimble position while still reaping the returns of their prestige.

Mythic Markets also gets its hands on items that are considered undervalued. Often, this is because theyre associated with another valuable item or property coming into vogue. Those offerings provide cheaper shares so you can try to seize on their peak growth. For even more adventurous buyers, meanwhile, Mythic Markets offers speculative investments items that are relatively new or obscure, but that have big potential to rise in the future.

And given that all those investments are available at accessible prices, youll have the freedom to sculpt a portfolio in line with your own unique needs and preferences.So whatever kind of investor you are, and however much you want to open yourself up to the exciting world of collectibles, Mythic Markets will help you strike the perfect balance. Go see for yourself: get started today.

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