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A powerful checking account that offers higher returns on your deposits

OnJuno provides a checking account for everyone with a cashback debit card that rivals top credit cards.

They offer a basic subscription which helps you to get started and help you save, while you spend alongside a premium banking experience with an exclusive metal card for long term savers.

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Better banking is here

With an OnJuno checking account, you can earn 2.15% bonus rates on deposits as well as earn 5% cashback on 5 brands of your choice!

You can also take your checking account wherever you go by connecting your OnJuno account to your favourite apps. Pay your friends, invest in stocks, or buy crypto with a few clicks!

OnJuno is powered by humans and you can talk to real people for customer support. No more robots not answering real questions.

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Making banking fair and transparent

No matter where you are in your savings journey, start today — it’s free!

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