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Remove the complexity of diversifying your portfolio

With Splint Invest, you can easily diversify your portfolio with high-performing and stable alternative assets in minutes.

Splint solve the main problems for individual investors when it comes to alternative assets: they reduce the entry barriers to 50 EUR, create trust and transparency by checking all partners and build a marketplace where the fractions (called Splints) can be traded amongst investors.

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Invest in alternative assets, fully mobile and within a few minutes

Investing in alternative assets is complex and time consuming. Splint Invest offer a solution to invest fully mobile and within a few minutes. You can also save time researching as you can find all relevant information to make a founded investment decision within the app.

The market for alternative investments is fragmented and it’s difficult to keep up to date with all trends. Splint monitor the market for you, work only with the best partners and constantly provide new promising investment opportunities.

Usually, you have to start investing in alternative assets with high amounts (5’000-250’000 EUR) but Splint offer the possibility to start with only 50 EUR. This way, you can really diversify your portfolio by investing in multiple asset classes, like wine, whisky, watches, cars and many more.

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The Platform is intended exclusively for natural persons over the age of 18 who are resident in Switzerland and who use the Platform in their own name and for their own account. By registering, you confirm that you have filled in all the information truthfully.

A sustainable platform that makes alternative assets accessible

Easily purchase shares of luxury watches, rare whisky, fine wine, and other alternative investments starting from 50€ with the touch of a button. Click below to get started.

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