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Invest like the 1% using the same tech as investment banks

Stratiphy uses cutting-edge robo advisory technology and the same trading tech used in investment banks whilst offering high-quality stock analytics including momentum, value, strength indicators, and ESG ratings.

New investors can simply select their risk tolerance, the industries and regions that they're interested in investing in, and their sustainability criteria. Stratiphy then creates a personalized strategy that sends the investor buy and sell signals at the right time to invest in companies that match the profile they created.

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Personalised investment strategies with no coding

Stratiphy allows retail investors to build a portfolio that matches their values and environmental criteria and cuts out the need for them to do hours of stock research.

Investors can hold companies accountable for their actions by investing in environmental and social leaders whilst creating and following their own investment strategy, learning as they go.
What’s more, Stratiphy are currently crowdfunding. Click below to learn how you can get involved!

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Making personalised investing accessible to everyone

Allowing all to create their own investment strategy, and make it sustainable. Click below to invest in Stratiphy's crowdfunding campaign today.

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