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Recommendations from people just like you

Ever met someone with a frighteningly similar taste? Taste has discovered that this is often the best person to suggest something you might like. Your recommendations on Taste come from the collective souls of people who are extremely similar to you. You can invest in this exciting platform for a limited time via StartEngine! Click below to find out more.

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A fast growing AI start-up personalizing generic online reviews for millennials

Their Movie and TV platform has over 500K registered users, receives 6M screen views per month, and has more than 3,500 five-star reviews. Taste are also now expanding into podcast, books, gaming, music, and shopping reviews.

Taste has been generating strong traction from their grassroots activity and has raised over $1M from users. Additionally, their number of organic users grew 76% YoY, whilst their return-on-ad-spend reached 289%.

Taste’s personalized rating has also proved to be 2.5 x more predictive than generic ratings and receives 30x more user engagement than their direct competition.

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Making online reviews more personal

Click below to discover how you can invest in the platform aiming to embody the future of product discovery. The minimum investment is $250.

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