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An easier way to buy precious metals

Buying gold is now simple, secure and affordable, all thanks to Minted. Minted's App features an easy-to-use interface that allows users to buy and sell physical gold instantly and effortlessly, starting with as little as 30.

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It's all yours

After setting up your account (which only takes 3 minutes!), you are given full control. You can buy, transfer, sell or have your physical gold delivered directly to you. The gold is directly produced in the refinery and is of the highest quality (24k).

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Investing in Gold

Humans have been using gold as both a medium of exchange and a store of wealth for thousands of years. Thats not surprising given the shiny yellow metal properties: its virtually indestructible, impervious to corrosion or decay; its readily melted into portable forms such as coins, jewelry, and bars; and its supply is limited which means that, unlike government-issued money, golds worth cant be diluted by inflation or fresh currency creation.

Learn how to get started with investing in gold with this guide, whichwe have produced with Minted. You can read it in under 8 mins – click here to view.

Making precious metals accessible to all

Click below to download the app today and join a new generation of gold buyers, savers and investors.

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