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Whether you are new to trading or a seasoned professional, through a full suite of powerful trading technology, online brokerage services, and trading education, TradeStation are committed to empowering you to unlock your trading and investor potential.

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TradeStations trading platforms and tools provide the power and reliability you need to feel confident in your trading.

Trade stocks,ETFs,futures,options, orcryptowith reliable execution on powerful platforms, broad market access, and competitive pricing models.At TradeStation, traders and investors have the tools to compete in numerous markets, the data to test and optimize their strategies, and the community to share their knowledge and learn new skills.

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TradeStation x Finimize's Investing Guides

We have produced two amazing guides in partnership with TradeStation, focused on confidently investing in stocks and building a stronger investment portfolio. Explore the guides below.


  • Investors like stocks for a few reasons: they can diversify an investment portfolio, may offer regular passive income via dividends, and are typically easy to buy and sell at any point. To read on and discover the factors which influence a company’s stock price as well as how to get started in investing in stocks, check out the 5 min guide here.
  • Multi-asset investing is all about using the full power of bonds, commodities, real estate, and alternative assets to diversify your portfolio. To explore how you can effectively balance your multi-asset investments, check out the 6 min guide here.

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