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Personalized fitness, sleep, and recovery insights.

WHOOP is a fitness tracker that provides personalized insight into how well you slept, how recovered you are, and the strain put on your body throughout the day.

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Why should I care?

80% of resolutions fail in the first month

  • Its easy to improve on something we do every day, sleep.
  • We dont just need 8 hours of sleep, our bodies have different needs based on our unique lifestyle.
  • Prioritize sleep in 2020 with a #RESTolution.
  • Being mentally and physically prepared to take on the day starts in the comfort of your own bed, with sleep.
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A membership platform for high performers

The WHOOP membership platform ensures you’ll have the latest and greatest tech in your hands:

  • WHOOP is continuously sampling heart rate data, 24/7. They never throttle or stop, which sets them apart from their competitors. With up to 100x of data per second, they never miss a beat, enabling a deeper understanding of a member’s physiology.
  • WHOOP HRV (heart rate variability) is measured each night during the last cycle of your deep sleep. This ensures a controlled environment with consistent readings, unlike other wearables that sample HRV at random times of the day, which completely defeats the purpose of measuring HRV. Their proprietary HRV metric is not available on any other wearables on the market.
  • The WHOOP sleep algorithm was developed in state of the art sleep labs, and built into the WHOOP Strap 3.0. It knows exactly when you fall asleep and when you wake up based on nuanced changes in heart rate and your body’s movement.


WHOOP is a membership that includes the WHOOP Strap 3.0, 24/7 analytics delivered in-app, and on-demand Membership Services. Get started today for $30 when you visit join.whoop.com!


Please review join.whoop.com and the checkout flow if you are confused about this price breakdown. It explains all membership options.

Make 2020 count.
Get on WHOOP today.

Your mental and physical recovery starts from the comfort of your bed, with sleep. Each day on WHOOP, youll get 24/7 real-time feedback on your recovery, strain, and sleep metrics to help you perform at your highest level everyday.

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