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YouHodler allows its customers to use their crypto assets without having to spend them: it provides instant cash and crypto loans with the users crypto assets acting as collateral. Users can also exchange crypto, fiat, and stablecoins as well as earn high interest by depositing crypto into their accounts.

It unlocks the value of crypto assets not for crypto-geeks or the high-wealth audiences, but for the retail customers. With YouHodler, crypto users can earn interest, buy, sell or exchange crypto, capitalize on market volatility and even get a loan in either cash and crypto.

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The future of your finances

YouHodler’s team helps people to understand and utilize the benefits of crypto assets and to avoid zero and negative interest rates on their savings with traditional banks.

Unlocking the value of crypto assets, the team shares a mission of helping people to stop passively holding and start using crypto assets right now.

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Building bridges for people to access the benefits of the crypto economy

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